17/06/2024 Monday

Vision and Mission


Institute aims to become a leading Management Institute that contributes to the development of society through excellence in grooming Leadership, Entrepreneurial Talent and Research in Management.


To channelize the Institute resources to promote excellence in Management & Information Technology Education


       i.          To enhance the quality of Management and IT Education.

     ii.          To develop physically, emotionally, culturally & educationally competent human resources.

   iii.          To provide education for sustainable development of society by enabling students to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes & values necessary to shape their future.

   iv.          To create globally competent manpower for meeting the present & future industrial and social demands and needs.

     v.          To empower students by providing opportunities for higher education and make them self-reliant.

   vi.          To impart knowledge and develop a research approach and attitude among teachers and students.

  vii.          To improve technical skills and abilities of the students in the field of software development.

viii.          To conduct trainings and workshops for enrichment of Managerial skills, IT, Communication & Entrepreneurial skills among students.

   ix.          To develop the students to make them ready for the industry and market.


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